Areas of Practice


Barrett and Jill feel their clients are best served by focusing their practice on estate planning, trust administration and probate matters. This has enabled them to gain an in-depth knowledge in these areas, and to keep abreast of new developments.

As such, their primary areas of practice are:

Estate Planning:

Advising clients regarding estate planning issues. Drafting of trusts, wills, powers of attorney for management of property and personal affairs, and advance health care directives. Assisting clients in properly funding trusts.

Trust Administration:

Assisting surviving settlors and successor trustees in administering a trust upon the death or incapacity of a settlor.


Assisting clients with the probate process, a court-supervised process wherein a decedent’s estate is administered. (Trusts are designed to avoid probate, but on occasion probates are still required, for instance where a decedent does not have a trust, or where a decedent had a trust but held substantial assets outside of the trust).


While Barrett and Jill have chosen to focus their practice on estate planning and administration, they have years of experience handling real estate, business, and litigation matters, giving them useful knowledge of areas of law that often overlap with estate planning and administration.